Apricorns information


Apricorns can be found on Apricorn trees. They used to make Poké Ball discs, needed to make Poké Balls. In order to make discs, the Apricorns must first be cooked into cooked Apricorns in a furnace. All discs are made with color patterns in a row in a crafting table. Crafting the different kinds of Poké Ball discs requires combining different colored cooked Apricorns in a pattern (e.g., one cooked Red Apricorn in the middle of two cooked Blue Apricorns will produce Great Ball discs). The discs can then be used with an anvil and a hammer to make the corresponding Poké Ball lids. You can watch the video How to make pokéballs

Available Apricorns

  • Black Apricorn
  • Blue Apricorn
  • Yellow Apricorn
  • Green Apricorn
  • Pink Apricorn
  • White Apricorn
  • Red Apricorn

List of discs

  • Dive Ball Disc
  • Dusk Ball Disc
  • Fast Ball Disc
  • Friend Ball Disc
  • Great Ball Disc
  • Heal Ball Disc
  • Heavy Ball Disc
  • Level Ball Disc
  • Love Ball Disc
  • Lure Ball Disc
  • Luxury Ball Disc
  • Moon Ball Disc
  • Nest Ball Disc
  • Net Ball Disc
  • Poké Ball Disc
  • Premier Ball Disc
  • Quick Ball Disc
  • Repeat Ball Disc
  • Safari Ball Disc
  • Sport Ball Disc
  • Timer Ball Disc
  • Ultra Ball Disc